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On Sept. 8, 2011 the Nightwatch prayer section at IHOP-KC started a three month consecration where we wanted to give ourselves to beholding the beauty of God and to refraining from talking with one another during the 12am-6am unless it pertained to the leadership of the prayer room.  And initially I scoffed at the consecration and thought it was unnecessary.  I thought that I didn’t need to participate in this consecration because I hardly talked during 12am-6am.  But the Lord had other ideas because a friend of mine called me out on my scoffing heart and called me to give myself to what the Lord was doing in our midst.

So I repented and decided to join the consecration.  I also wanted to start fasting as well, so I decided to eat 1.5 meals a day Mon-Sat and have Sundays off where I could eat normally.  And I had four areas that I wanted God to speak to me about.

1.  Encountering God – I wanted to experience God more and have dreams and visions.  I realized that I had lost my zeal for wanting God to reveal himself to me in supernatural ways, and I wanted that desire renewed.
2.  Relationships – I wanted God to speak to me about relationships and give me more wisdom especially as I was talking with a particular girl and considering dating.
3.  Vocation – I wanted a greater understanding and more strength as a intercessory missionary.  I wanted to have greater understanding on the power of prayer.
4.  Family – I wanted to see my family restored in their relationships.

As I began to give myself to the rest of the Nightwatch consecration, God began answering these four areas for me.  I began to have dreams that had pretty significant meaning to me.  I also began to have my mind renewed about the lies I believed about relationships.  Also I began to have a greater understanding of my calling as an intercessor.  Though I have not seen the last area answered, just the faith that I have that God can restore my family is a testimony in itself.

I had forgotten about the power of fasting during my past couple of years at IHOP.  But this fast has been such a pivotal season for me, and I am so grateful that the Lord is speaking to me and answering my prayers.  I really encourage you, that if you feel led, to start a fast.  It doesn’t have to be much, it could be fasting one meal a day, or even just eating fruits and vegetables.  But I really believe that fasting is powerful and I am so grateful to God for hearing my cries.

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It was the last game of the season and I really wanted our team to end on a good note.  I also wanted to play with more confidence because I had not found my “groove” the entire season.  One of my teammates took be aside before the game to exhort me that I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone and to just play with confidence.  This was very encouraging and it ending up helping massively during the game.  We were supposed to play White team, who would be a formidable opponent.  However, they forfeited due to not having enough players show up.  Yet, we still played a game mainly consisting of members of White and Black team.

We started the game playing well: hitting our threes, running the court well and getting steals.  One of our players started the game on fire from behind the arc, which boosted the team’s confidence.  We ended the half up by ten points and were playing well.

At the start of the second half, we began to slow down offensively and realized we needed to continue to run the court.  After taking a time-out, we began shooting well again and being aggressive going to the basket.  The game was such a high scoring game that the final score was Orange 75 Mixed Team 54.  I played exceptionally well hitting 4-4 behind the arc and scoring 21 points.  It is amazing how one encouraging word from a teammate can boost one’s confidence to play well.

Next week starts the playoffs.  It will be a single elimination tournament, which should add to the excitement and pressure of the games.  Orange team has a great chance to take it all the way.  Hopefully our latest game is an indicator of what will come.

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Today in the prayer room, I was struck by the fact that God hears my prayers.  The things that I say to the God who created the heavens and the earth really matter.  Not only does God hear, but he also acts in response to my prayers.  He does this because I am now a citizen of the kingdom of God through Jesus the Messiah.  On top of that, I have authority as I pray because I have been seated with Christ in heavenly places (Eph. 2).  Therefore, every time I pray things are shifting for the advancement of the kingdom of God.  What a glorious vocation we have as the people of God!  We have the privilege of being able to have a direct communication line with the true commander in chief, who implements what we ask him.  Prayer is amazing…

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As we pass the mid-season mark, we were up against Grey team, with only five guys to play.  A couple of our players were injured and some were out of town, so we were a bit short handed.  We played well as we set good picks and had many lay-ups in the first half.  We stayed close as Grey team continued to shoot well inside the arc.  At the end of the half Orange team was up by one. 

As most of us were tired without any substitutions we knew we were up for a battle in the second half.  We continued to get easy baskets, but as the game progressed we had a few turnovers and let their players get to the basket too easily.  We ended up going into overtime and losing by two points.  The final score was Grey 61 Orange 59.  It was a tough loss, but we played well for being shorthanded. 

Our next game is against Purple team which is the One Thing team.  It will be a tough game, but a great challenge for Orange team.

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After being on the Nightwatch for almost three years I’ve discovered a prayer plan that has worked for me.  Many times people wonder how I pray for 4-6 hours a night and I have a simple answer: having a prayer schedule.  We make schedules for exercising, recreation, the weekends, so why not make a prayer life schedule too?  So here’s a brief synopsis of what I do in the prayer room.

12-1am – I use prewritten prayers in my prayer booklet to pray for myself and for a particular intercessory topic: these include (Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Israel/Cairo, Church in California, Church in Kansas City my family, YWAM/Servant partners, IHOP leadership, President Obama and our gov’t, Nightwatch leaders, and my supporters)
1-2am – I pray with a group of my friends for revival in Kansas City and America.
2-4am – After taking a quick break I sing the psalms slowly and intermittently sing in tongues.
4-4:30am – I usually take another break and grab a snack.
4:30-5am – I do some daily bible readings from the Book of Common Prayer from the Greek New Testament.
5-6am – I either meditate on the cross or work through some of my homework for my Inner healing class. (more…)

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After coming off our first loss, Orange team was ready to turn things around. We came out strong against Red team and took a quick 8 point lead.  We ended up shooting well behind the arc and playing great defense.  We tried out the 1-2-2 press into the 1-2-2 zone defense and were able to come up with over 10 turnovers in the entire game.  By the end of the first half we were up by about ten points.

We continued to play well and were able to grab many offensive rebounds to keep the ball alive.  By the end of the game Orange won with a score of 60-31.  I went 2-7 for 5 points and played more aggressively by getting rebounds and producing turnovers.  Our next game is against Grey team.

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The game against Green team was much anticipated as they were considered the best team in the league, with three slashers who could also hit the long range shot.  We began the game playing man to man defense and were able to defend the paint very well.  With a couple of key blocks and good ball movement, Orange team was up by 10 at the half. 

We continued to play solid defense, and extended the lead to 14 at one point in the game.  But they began to hit the three point shot and brought the lead down to four.  At a critical juncture, one of our players was fouled and made the shot.  This stopped Green’s momentum and Orange ended up winning 52-42. 

I went 2-3 shooting for four points, 2 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 steal.  We had a great time playing Green and hope to continue to play well.  Next week we play Black team, which will be another tough opponent.

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