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We are living in great and terrible times.  With the rise of moral decay concerning issues like abortion, human trafficking, and the issue of marriage, America is in great need for revival.  One of the main institutions that have been the impetus to historic revival has been colleges and universities.  Not only are they the places that raise up the next generation of leaders for our nation, but over 100,000 international students come to our soil to learn.  What if God touched these students’ lives with the power of the gospel and went back to spread the fires of revival in their respective countries?

Thus, Lou Engle, along with the intercessors at IHOP invite you to participate in crying out for colleges in America: that God would pour out his spirit and awaken students for a holy love for Jesus.  For the next 40 days from March 1-April 9, we will be participating in a Daniel fast (no sweets, no meats – Dan. 10:3) and asking that God would bring revival in America, and particularly college campuses.  God truly hears our prayers and will answer them, so I encourage you to join us in whatever way you feel like the Lord may be stirring you to pray and fast during this season.

If you want to hear more concerning the 40 day fast click on this link to the 6pm evening FCF service:

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The testimonies of being touched by God’s love has continued since Nov. 11 when the Holy Spirit came to IHOPU in an unusual way.  Over the past 12 weeks, we have been having nightly meetings from wed-sat to receive more from God’s presence.  Physical and emotional healing, deliverance from oppression and self-hatred, and increased revelation concerning the Father’s love have been a few characteristics of this move of God.

But recently I got the chance to hear a testimony of a former Muslim who experienced God’s love and was saved.  It is a powerful testimony and wanted to provide a link to watch it.  So here it is: IHOPU Awakening testimony

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About 3 1/2 months until I walk up those steps at the FSM auditorium and receive my graduation certificate.  Throughout my years as an FSM student it was been one of the most challenging and rewarding times of my life.  Although IHOPU, is not accredited it has been one of the academically rigorous schools I have been a part of.

Ministering at the IHOPU Awakening

I graduated Occidental College with a B.A. in Sociology and at first FSM seemed a pale comparison academically.  However, as time progressed the academic challenge grew to the point where now I am writing a 75 page Greek exegetical paper on the Gospel of John for my Senior Thesis.

However, the academia is not the only thing that has been challenging.  Living the lifestyle of prayer and fasting has also been trying.  In giving myself to about 24 hrs every week for 3 1/2 years, I have grown deeper in the Lord.  My confidence in God’s love for me has become more established.  Furthermore, my heart is alive and free.  I do not feel the same that I used before FSM.  Also I have grown a lot in ministering to others and learning to be a Christian relationally.  Therefore, as I graduate soon this will be one of the greatest accomplishments of my life so far.  It has been a difficult yet rewarding journey.

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Tears streamed down his face as he prayed, “Thank you God for being so gracious in giving us this Awakening.”  These were the words that Allen Hood, the assistant director of IHOP, spoke before hundreds of people in today’s Awakening service.  He shared how this Awakening was an answer to prayer concerning wanting more of God in America.  The burden for revival, which was stirred up last summer, was followed by a release of God’s joy and love over his people.  Allen explained that this Awakening was God’s kindness in bringing emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom.  Since the meetings began in Nov. 11, 2009, there have been over 900 salvations and baptisms.  There have also been numerous testimonies of scoliosis, cancer, and other ailments being healed.

One of the fruits of this move of God which touches me deeply is the increased love for one another in our community.  Personally, I have grown so much closer to my friends and appreciate them so much more since the Awakening began.  The sign of God’s presence is not only outward manifestations, but the fruit of deeper love for one another.  This has led me to reach out to others more and deal with relational conflict more as well.  Usually I avoid conflict at all costs, but I have really stepped out in love.  For that I am so grateful for what God has done in our midst.  He is a truly kind and loving Father, who is out for our good.

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This year’s One Thing young adult conference had about 20,000 attendees to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church in America.  Many came with great excitement and anticipation to receive from God. 

One of the main things that was highlighted during the conference was the convergence of missions and prayer.  Many times these two movements have been seen in opposition to one another, but God in these last days is bringing the two together.  Both are critical for the church to fulfill God’s purposes on the earth.  Loren Cuningham, the founder of YWAM (one of the largest missions organizations in the world with over 20,000 missionaries worldwide), came and spoke about the need to be a witness to the gospel wherever we are.  Whether we be at the local supermarket or in another country, we as believers are to be witnesses to Jesus the Messiah. 

On a personal note, I spent most of my time serving in the healing rooms at the conference.  This was such a great experience as I saw many people get healed after I prayed for them.  My faith grew tremendously through the experience.  Also I was able to host some young adults from my church.  I had been praying for people from my church to come to IHOP for many years and the LORD answered my prayer this year by sending 8 people.  I was so grateful for the way God touched them and moved in their lives.

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Since the start of the Awakening at IHOP there have been numerous testimonies of physical healing.  The ministry of healing has been going on since the time of the Old Testament, but I want to draw attention to the ministry of Jesus and his disciples.  When Jesus commissioned his disciples to go out and proclaim the kingdom of God, they were also given the authority to cast out demons and heal the sick (Lk. 9:1-2; 10:9).  It is interesting to note that the proclammation of the gospel was accompanied by signs and wonders.   This was not just a power given to the twelve apostles, but the power to heal has been given to every believer through the Holy Spirit.  The God who created the heavens and the earth now resides within us.  Just as he spoke and created the world into existence, we also can speak and bring life to those who are sick. 

In the past couple of weeks we have seen the partially deaf healed, sight restored, backs straightened, cancer driven back, and many more healings.  Personally my faith for healing has increased which has led me to pray with more boldness for the sick.  Just yesterday I prayed for two women who had pain in their knees.  After praying a simple prayer of healing in the name of Jesus both of them bended their knees and replied with a sense of shock that their pain was gone.  This shocked me as well because I was not expecting them to get healed.  But the prayer of faith and the operation of the Holy Spirit brings life to sick bodies.  Therefore, healing is not just for the believers in the New Testament but is an authority that believers have today.

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Today two major leaders in the Charismatic movement came to IHOP to attend the Awakening meeting:  Bill Johnson, the leader of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, and John Arnott, the leader of the Toronto renewal meetings.  Both were invited to come to teach us how to steward the move of God at IHOP.  Both have led many Holy Spirit meetings over the course of their ministry.  They will be here till Wednesday and we are so grateful for them.  God truly loves when leaders from different ministries come together in love and humility.  He loves when his family is united.  So LORD we want all that you have for us!

I encourage you to come to Kansas City and encounter God.  People’s lives are truly being transformed.  But if you can’t all the meetings are broadcast for free at http://www.ihop.org.  The meetings are held every week till Dec. 20 wed-sat 6pm-12am CST.  Additional meetings due to Bill Johnson and John Arnott’s arrival will be held Tues and Wed at 9am.  So join us in what God is doing!

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