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Body for life update

After completing the two weeks of Body for life I came down with a sinus infection and took two weeks to recover.  During this time I came across another exercise program which I have decided to stick to for the foreseeable future.  But also during this time I came to a few conclusions about the whole exercise world and particularly weight lifting world.

1.  Making healthy living a lifestyle – I realized that so many programs are 12 weeks long and promise to “change your life.”  And granted with commitment and hard work many health changes can be made.  However, this “get fit quick” mentality is not great for the long term.  It is important to have a more holistic view of exercise and put it in the proper perspective.  It can be easy to become obsessed with the health craze and though it is important to be healthy, it should always be secondary to following God and loving him.

2.  Many fitness programs have ulterior motives – Many fitness programs want to get your money.  So they market their supplements, protein shakes, clothing accessories, and a whole host of other products.  They are not just about providing for you a good workout program, but they want to convince you to buy all the rest of their stuff.  Don’t fall for these marketing schemes.  Most of the time you do not need what they tell you.

3.  Stick to a plan and write down your progress – After switching through multiple fitness plans I realized it is good to just stick to something and be consistent.  Continuing to do a regular plan is important particularly on the days when you don’t want to go to the gym.  Also writing down progress has two fold importance.  1.  It helps you keep track of what you did last workout time, so that you can improve.  2.  It also helps you stay motivated.  When you see that you are improving it provides added incentive to go exercise.

Those are some of my thoughts, feel free to comment and tell me what fitness plan you are doing or deciding to do!

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