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Hello world!

So after a four month hiatus from my blog, I have returned!  I know, I’m being quite dramatic.  But I thought I’ll give a quick update on my life cause a lot has happened.  As always I’ll summarize in list form:

1.  Transitioned from part-time staff to full-time – Since graduating from IHOPU, I have been on part-time staff at IHOP.  But I decided that I wanted to transition into being on full-time.  After taking a prayer retreat at a monastery, I realized that I would like to give more of my time and energy into being an intercessory missionary.  Initially I was afraid that by switching to full-time, I would lose a lot of time and completely swamped with responsibilities.  But once I made the change, it has been so enjoyable and amazing.

2.  Got over a 3-4 month long sickness during the winter – From December to about March, I was sick with a sinus infection that would not go away.  I ended up being really tired, unable to focus, and quite depressed.  And I was really struggling during this season.  But I kept reminding myself that each day is new and to forget the past and press forward to seeking God.  This really helped me and when I got better, I was able to get back into the flow of my life again.

3.  Joined a worship team on the Nightwatch – After being off a nighwatch worship team for 3 1/2 years, I decided to join a worship team about 3 months ago.  I had been frustrated playing on a worship team years ago because I wasn’t very confident as a musician and felt out of synch with how playing electric guitar connected with prayer.  I really just wanted to be in the prayer room without having to play an instrument.  So I took a break and thought I would never return.  I almost sold my gear, but a couple of friends convinced me that someday I would regret it if I sold my guitar and pedals.  So I kept them and then a couple of months ago, I felt the desire to play my guitar again.  So I decided to take lessons and improve my skill.  I also bought a new guitar and some pedals and now I feel much more confident when I play.  I also feel more purposeful with God as I play my instrument and see it as a time where I can not only have fun, but prophesy on my instrument.  I am amazed at how much the Lord has changed my perspective on music.  And I am really enjoying playing.  I never thought that playing close to 20 hrs. live a week could be this enjoyable.

4.  Contentment – Back when I was in my teens, I had a pretty pessimistic attitude towards life.  My picture of the future was hardly ever rosy.  But nowadays, I am really content and happy with my life.  I am doing the things that I really enjoy.  Seeking the Lord in prayer and the word, playing music, leading a small group of people to grow in God, and even taking a yoga class.  I am really grateful to be at IHOP as an intercessory missionary and I am grateful for all God’s benefits.  He truly is good to me.


So that’s a short summary of what have been going on in my life.  And hopefully I can continue to blog and keep writing about the Acts of God, and other things.  I won’t be writing about the IHOP basketball league because I’ve stopped playing because of an injury I sustained during one of our games.  😦  But look forward to more blogs to come!

My surprise visit to my mom to Columbus, OH on for her birthday

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