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After our first loss against Black, we were ready to come back strong. I was unable to play due to a bruised heel, but we had the whole squad available. One of the greatest help came from Andrew who is our 6’5” center. He provided a great interior presence and had three blocks in the game. We started out the game shooting cold and being sloppy on defense. After a short time, Green got a couple of easy lay-ups and were up by 7. But we were able to bring the lead down and ended the half tied 26-26.

In the second half, we played well as a team as we had good ball-movement and a lot of hustle plays. We were able to take the lead in this back and forth match with about 4 minutes to go. By the end of the game the score was 61-53.

It was very difficult for me to sit on the sidelines and be unable to play. But hopefully I will be healed and be able to play next week.

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For those of you who have been following last year’s season know that Black Team was undefeated. Thus, to have them be our first opponents was a great test for us. Our team has kept five new players and added three new ones, but we were only had 6 men to run yesterday.

We started off the game playing great team defense as we closed in on the perimeter shooters well. We were aggressive taking the ball to the hoop and got to the foul line early. However, Black continued to play well as we ended the half down 27-18.

At the start of the second half we brought down the lead to 5 points. Yet, we were not able to keep up with the pace of the game as we were short on players. Black continued to substitute in order to have fresh legs on the court and ran us to the ground. By the end of the game we lost by about twenty points.

I scored 3 points, had 2 rebounds, and 2 assists and felt much more confident playing than I did last season. I did not get frustrated with myself (as I normally do) and was able to play hard. It was a lot of fun and I hope to continue to enjoy playing. More than anything I’m grateful that the league started up again and that I am healthy enough to enjoy the gift of playing basketball.

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As I begin my reflections on the act of God concerning creation I believe it is appropriate to start with God’s nature of being happy. As I imagine the three persons of the Trinity initiating the powerful demonstration of power in ordering the universe I picture God almost like parents overjoyed with the birth of a new son or daughter. The excitement and joy for life fills the creation account found in Gen. 1-2. With new developments in the process, God saw it as “good.” In other words He was happy and overjoyed with the life that was flowing.

Each new step built upon the other from the light, land, vegetation, animals and humanity. Each gave a fuller picture of the great gladness in his heart. When people create things like art it is an expression of who they are and a little piece of their personality and worldview. In many ways this is how creation is connected with God. His personhood is intricately tied to creation. He is not a distant God who is sitting on his throne in heaven in a detached manner. But he is in the midst of creation and is extremely happy.

O God of creation, who created all things with great delight: touch my heart concerning your delight over me and over all your creation, that I might be set free from despair and arise with the very life and breath that you give to all living things. Amen.

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The Acts of God revisited

It has been a long time since I have written a blog entry on the Acts of God, but I decided to begin afresh. The reason for focusing on the Acts of God (what He has done in history) is because it makes God more real and in a sense “tangible.” Many times the knowledge of God is communicated in abstract terms like Holy, merciful, and even love that do not help us in seeing him for who he truly is.

But when we begin to see what he has done we become filled with more clarity concerning the person of God. By the Acts of God I mean the central events that God has been involved in history. This list includes The Creation, Covenants, Exodus, Incarnation of Jesus, Life and Ministry of Jesus, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Giving of the Holy Spirit, and the Eschaton or 2nd coming of Jesus. These ten acts reveal the person of God in a vibrant and enriching way that impacts the human heart. We speak and live through stories, which is why so many people have loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and movies like Braveheart. We become enraptured by stories and they form the framework for our lives. Thus, getting connected with the story of God’s acts allows us to live in the greatest of all narratives: God’s.

Thus, roughly each month I will be focusing on one particular act of God. For September I will be meditating and studying the Creation. So look forward to some entries concerning this Act of God!

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