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Living a Focused Life

I recently listened to Mike Bickle’s “Power of a Focused Life” series and was greatly motivated to live out my destiny. This series came in a timely season of my life as I just completed IHOPU and am transitioning into staff at IHOP. Bickle said that time spent in a focused manner translates into destiny. If we do not focus our resources (particularly time) we will end up squandering our lives by the tyranny of the urgent. Being swayed from one important task to another. Yet, if we spend a little bit of effort into managing our time and making a schedule we will be that much more in line with our destiny.

Another thing that Bickle encouraged was the reading of biographies of great men and women of history. By looking at the lives lived in the past, we can learn from them and live our lives accordingly. I was struck by this simple fact and went immediately to the library and borrowed three biographies. The first one was on Abraham Lincoln. It was struck by two main things. First, he was an avid reader. In his early days he only had a few books, but he read them repeatedly. Second, he was a very melancholy person. He had fits of depression and loneliness throughout his life. He was disliked by many people and had many critics, but he really sought to bring change to the world.

He came from meager beginnings and never would have expected him to become president during one of the most tumultuous times in America’s history. But he was appointed to provide leadership in that time. Who knows what may come of my life? From being faithful with a little, we may be called to be faithful with much.

(The other two biographies that I will attempt to read are Mother Teresa and C.S. Lewis.)

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