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One of the most celebrated and well-known prayers comes in Lk. 11, affectionately known as the Lord’s prayer. If there is one prayer that we want to be familiar with it is this one. After Jesus spends some time in prayer, one of his disciples comes to him and asks him how to pray. The disciples must have seen something about Jesus’ prayer life that they wanted to learn from, so they ask him. Jesus replies by saying, “when you pray, say: Father, hallowed by your name, your kingdom come.”

“Father…let your kingdom come” is one of the central points of the prayer that Jesus teaches his disciples. What does it mean for his kingdom to come? It is a cry for God’s reign to be established and the old order of things to fade away. That there would be no more death, no more sorrow, pain, or tears. That the decaying effects of the fall would be reversed and the world’s rule and way of doing things would end.

Jesus’ prayer is revolutionary. It is a call to join the ranks of another age. The present evil age is characterized by injustice, pain, and death. But the age to come or kingdom of God, God’s reign, is full of life, joy, and love.

We are standing juxtaposed between two ages. This age and the age to come. This is the greatest transition period that the world has and will ever see. There is coming a time when this evil age will no longer be oppressing people. It will be an age where Jesus will return and establish his throne and rule with justice and righteousness. The created order will be renewed and people will live in harmony and love. All things will be made new.

Jesus’ call for us is to join him as agents of the age to come. To intercede with him for the kingdom of God to come. We have been chosen to live in such a time as this. A great transition from this present age and the age to come. The kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God.

The question is do you know who you are? Do you the know the great calling that God has chosen us for in this time? Do you live as one who operates in the paradigm of God’s kingdom? He has chosen us to be those who usher in the kingdom of God into this dying world. As those who are agents of the age to come let us intercede with the saints of old: Let your kingdom come!

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After being in the Midwest for the past four years, I’ve gotten the chance to be in LA for a more extended period of time. As I pass the halfway point of my trip in the city I feel a sense of gratitude for my time so far.

I write knowing that I may not have such an opportunity once I go back to Kansas City so here are some things that I am thankful for.

1. Food – As a guy, this obviously tops my list of things I appreciate about LA. There are so many diverse and great cuisines in this city that it would take a whole lifetime to discover all of them. Here a few highlights: Carne Asada Fries, Tofu soup, In-n-out burgers, sushi, and black sesame seed ice cream.

2. Weather – It is the middle of July and the weather is great. It has been in the mid 70s and low 80s throughout my time here, with sunny skies and light breezes. I’m gonna miss this.

3. People – The diversity of people in LA is also wonderful to see. I’ve been the minority for most of my time in Missouri, so it is nice to be in LA for a change.

4. Faith – Many times people associate LA with evil and wickedness, but I have seen many young people on fire for God. Some from my church and other churches that I have visited. Their way of walking out their Christian faith is a bit different from mine, but I can see their hunger and desire for God.

No matter where we live or who we meet I believe in making the most of where we are at in the present. I am glad that I have had the chance to come to LA for an extended time and I hope that the latter half of the trip continues to be that way.

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