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I have about a month left till I graduate from IHOPU. It is amazing that the four years have gone by so quickly, but as it draws near I feel a sense of completion and accomplishment. Through my time at the school I have wanted to quit about four times. And in many ways these four years were much harder than my undergrad because of the rigor of the lifestyle encouraged at IHOP.

I remember hearing a former graduate of IHOPU say upon completion, “I feel like I have a solid foundation for the rest of my life.” And in many ways I feel the same way. This is a huge milestone for me and I feel well equipped to be grounded in my life with God through prayer and the word. I still have much to learn and areas to grow in, but the maturity that I have obtained through this season is astounding. I am looking forward to the completion of this chapter in my life and hopeful to see what the next one brings.

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