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After being gone from LA for a whole year I have noticed some things about the city that I was born in which contrast with Kansas City.

1.  Cars – There are a lot of hybrid cars on the road in LA.  I do not remember seeing even one in Kansas City, but over the past couple of days I’ve seen a multitude of Prius cars.  Seems LA is more energy concious with gas prices being about fifty cents more than KC.

2.  Ethnic diversity – The predominant ethnic makeup of KC is white and black.  But coming to LA I have seen a lot more Asians and Mexicans.

3.  Nice weather – Who could forget the nice weather of So. Cal.  With temperatures in the 60s during winter, this is a welcome change to the 20s of KC.

4.  Geography – I have forgotten how beautiful the landscape of So. Cal is.  With the many mountains surrounding the region, it is truly a magnificent sight.

5.  Food – Last but not least is the food.  LA food is in my opinion one of the best places to get food.  With an assortment of diverse foods this is the place to be.  I recently had some amazing Carne Asada Tacos from Estrella and a Carne Asada burrito from King Taco.  I really enjoy the Mexican food here.

These were some of the observations that I’ve had seen returning to LA.  It truly is a beautiful place.

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Since the start of the Awakening at IHOP there have been numerous testimonies of physical healing.  The ministry of healing has been going on since the time of the Old Testament, but I want to draw attention to the ministry of Jesus and his disciples.  When Jesus commissioned his disciples to go out and proclaim the kingdom of God, they were also given the authority to cast out demons and heal the sick (Lk. 9:1-2; 10:9).  It is interesting to note that the proclammation of the gospel was accompanied by signs and wonders.   This was not just a power given to the twelve apostles, but the power to heal has been given to every believer through the Holy Spirit.  The God who created the heavens and the earth now resides within us.  Just as he spoke and created the world into existence, we also can speak and bring life to those who are sick. 

In the past couple of weeks we have seen the partially deaf healed, sight restored, backs straightened, cancer driven back, and many more healings.  Personally my faith for healing has increased which has led me to pray with more boldness for the sick.  Just yesterday I prayed for two women who had pain in their knees.  After praying a simple prayer of healing in the name of Jesus both of them bended their knees and replied with a sense of shock that their pain was gone.  This shocked me as well because I was not expecting them to get healed.  But the prayer of faith and the operation of the Holy Spirit brings life to sick bodies.  Therefore, healing is not just for the believers in the New Testament but is an authority that believers have today.

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Today two major leaders in the Charismatic movement came to IHOP to attend the Awakening meeting:  Bill Johnson, the leader of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, and John Arnott, the leader of the Toronto renewal meetings.  Both were invited to come to teach us how to steward the move of God at IHOP.  Both have led many Holy Spirit meetings over the course of their ministry.  They will be here till Wednesday and we are so grateful for them.  God truly loves when leaders from different ministries come together in love and humility.  He loves when his family is united.  So LORD we want all that you have for us!

I encourage you to come to Kansas City and encounter God.  People’s lives are truly being transformed.  But if you can’t all the meetings are broadcast for free at http://www.ihop.org.  The meetings are held every week till Dec. 20 wed-sat 6pm-12am CST.  Additional meetings due to Bill Johnson and John Arnott’s arrival will be held Tues and Wed at 9am.  So join us in what God is doing!

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Tears streamed down my face at the sound of these words, “God, let Han Man know your nearness.”  I had gone up to receive prayer when a friend prayed this over me.  He did know that the phrase “the nearness of God” was dear to my heart.  He also did not know that I had been studying the “nearness of God” for the past year.  That prayer was exactly what I needed to hear.

For the past couple of weeks I had hit a low-point.  I felt like a failure in my relationships, work, school, and myself as a whole.  This led me to some old habits of escapism and depression.  The pain in my heart made me feel like God was distant.  I even believed that I deserved to be in this state.

Yet, one night after watching the Awakening web-stream I decided to go to the meeting.  Up to this point I had not gone to many meetings because of sickness and depression.  At 10:20pm I arrived at the service to feel God’s tangible presence in my stomach area.  I sat down and just enjoyed worshiping  him.  After a few testimonies one of the IHOPU leaders called people to the front to receive prayer for physical healing.  That is when I went forward and got touched by my friend’s prayer.

I really appreciated that God loves me even when I felt undeserving.  He reached out his arms of love to draw near to me when I was utterly broken.  Thank you God for great love.  Let us know your nearness.

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The awakening has shifted not only the course of my school schedule, but also the basketball league.  Just before the awakening began we were about to play in the playoffs.  It would have been a three round single elimination tournament.  I was eagerly anticipating the playoffs and the chance to redeem our regular season losses.  However, the awakening’s continuance led to the cancellation of the playoffs.  Now that the season is finished I want to share a few things I learned from playing in my first basketball league.

  1. Have fun – When I get too focused on playing well or winning I sometimes lose the enjoyment of the game.  It is important to just have fun playing.
  2. Confidence – This is one of the biggest things I learned.  When I am grounded in my identity in God I am able to have the confidence to play well.
  3. Teamwork – Working together with the other team members is an integral part to basketball.  Each person has a part to play and finding one’s role is important to a good basketball team.

Orange team’s record (my team) was 6-3.  My stats for the season – appg – 6 points; avg. min/game – 18 min.; arpg – 2 rbs.

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