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I decided that I wanted to cook something new so I decided to make a rendition of tuna casserole except with talapia.  Here’s the recipe.

3 Talapia fillets
3 cans of condensed soup
1 cup shredded cheese
1 cup fried onions
1 cup soy milk
3 red potatoes
3 carrots
1 yellow onion
Angel hair pasta
1 can peas

1.  Chop vegetables and fry them with oil.  Set to the side.
2.  Fry talapia fillets with spices. Set to the side.
3.  Cook pasta and set to the side.
4.  Mix all above ingredients in a large bowl and add the cans and milk.  Then place in a 9×13 bake pan.
5.  Cook in oven at 350 for 25 minutes.
6.  Take pan out of oven and top with cheese and fried onions.  Cook for another five minutes.  Then enjoy!

Talapia casserole. I was so excited that I ate a piece before taking the picture.

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The IHOP leadership decided to extend the Awakening meetings at IHOP till Dec. 19.  They will be held Wed-Sat from 6pm-12am CST except for Nov. 26 (Thanksgiving day).  God is truly moving in our midst as people are being healed emotionally and physically.  God is truly merciful to remove every hindrance that his people have in loving him.  Many are being radically touched by the Father’s love and encountering the glad-hearted God.  The meetings will be broadcast for free on the web at http://www.ihop.org so check it out!

I’ll share a quick testimony that I had tonight during the service.  One of the leaders speaking identity for people who have been riddled with shame over their past sins and struggles.  He was saying that many in the room have defined themselves by their latest struggle.  But he said that the LORD does not define us in that way.  He gave his son to die on our behalf so that we would be his son’s bride.  The great price that he paid was so that we would love him and receive his love.  Therefore, he sees us as clean and pure before him.  He does not define us by our struggle, but by love.

As the leader was speaking, I knew that everything above applied to me.  During the time of worship I felt God spoke to me continually, “I want you, I want you…”  This touched my heart and I began to weep.  To know that God does not define me by my sin frees my heart to love him more.  Knowing that I’m God’s chosen gives me the grace to live in confidence before him and others.

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Many times when God moves in an unusual way, there are varied responses by the people.  Some begin to manifest physically through laughing, crying, shaking, etc.  These are the responses that can be easily seen as more “spiritual” than other experiences.  Furthermore, it can leave the ones not experiencing the physical manifestations questioning, “Why is this not happening to me?  Am I doing something wrong?”  Yet, the truth is that there are many ways that people get touched by God other than physically.

One is a deep peace in God’s presence.  The worries and cares of the world fade away as gazing upon Jesus fills one’s heart.  Another way God touches people is by healing of deep emotional pain.  Another is increased revelation of God and a greater resolve to obey and love the LORD.  One of the ways God moves during outbreaks of the Holy Spirit which has been neglected is an increased measure of pain.  Many times pain starts to uncover so that a deeper level of healing occurs.  The sports’ saying, “No pain, no gain,” applies here.

Therefore, when God moves in an unusual way in a community or city it is imperative to not try and figure everything out.  God is a good leader and knows what you need in every season.  Many times when it feel like he is not doing anything for you, it may be the time to minister to others and still stay engaged worshipping him.  The beauty of these moves is that we have the opportunity to learn to release control to him and partner with what he is doing.

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Yesterday, the IHOP leadership announced that they would continue to hold meetings for the following week from 6pm-12am CST due to the considerable move of the Holy Spirit in bringing freedom emotionally and physically.  Today I was struck by how kind and compassionate God is.  I heard testimony after testimony of young men and women, who were abused as children, being set free from condemnation and feelings of being “dirty.”  The LORD’s presence of words of affirmation began to break the chains of years of accusation concerning their self-worth.

I was personally getting touched in the area of fear of relationships.  Being particularly by the women in my life, I believed the lie that I would never have a spouse who would love me as I am.  I was afraid that they would reject me if they saw the “real” me and that God would not provide for me a godly wife.  But today, one of the leaders began praying that God is a good father who will provide for us a spouse.  In response, I renounced the lie and spoke the truth that I am worth being loved and that God is a good leader who will provide for me.

The awakening meetings will continue for the remainder of this week, so check out the free webstream at http://www.ihop.org.  Thank you LORD for drawing near to us.

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Yesterday I was unable to go to the session, but the LORD continued to release his love, healing and freedom to many hearts.  Today, was the fourth night of the unusual move of the Holy Spirit in Kansas city.  The theme of God’s love was prevalent on this night as waves of His presence filled the room.  One of the worship leaders began to sing “His banner over us is love” and many people began to dance with great joy.

One of the things that impacted my heart was when the IHOP leadership began praying for freedom from the fear of man.  The fear of what other people think of me has been a great struggle most of my life.  This has led me to performance driveness and the inability to be myself around others.  Therefore, I began to relinquish performance to the Holy Spirit.  As I knelt on the ground, God continued to touch me and wash me with his love.  I knew that this was a significant moment in my life.

God continues to release his presence in our midst.  Truly, where the Spirit of the LORD is there is freedom.

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The second night of the move of the Spirit in Kansas City continued with the theme of freedom from self-hatred and the release of the joy of the LORD.  However, today the LORD was highlighting healing in a specific way.  Cancer, back problems, and eye-sight were some of the areas that God was releasing healing in.

One particular story by a young woman concerning her impaired hearing was very touching.  She shared how she had grown up being near deaf in her right ear.  Whenever people spoke to her on her right side,  she had to completely turn her head in order to hear.  Furthermore, it was particularly difficult for her because she was a musician and was unable to participate fully in choir.  She began to weep as she shared how during the time of praying for healing, something changed where she could hear from her right ear.  She could now hear the slightest whisper.

Through her testimony, God released faith to bring more healing to hearing-impaired people.  God is truly moving and stirring his people with freedom: not only in their inner man, but also in physical bodies.  Halleljuah!  Thank you Jesus!

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Today I went to class at 2:30pm to discover that something unusual was happening.  Upon entering the auditorium, I saw multitudes of students laughing, praying for one another and being filled with the joy of the LORD.  The class that started at 9 am that day was continuing because the Spirit broke out during the lecture.  The presence of the LORD was so thick that I soon began to weep.   After a few moments, one of the leaders explained that God was releasing the joy of the LORD to break people free from self-hatred and depression.  Many testimonies were given by young women who declared that they were delivered from eating disorders and poor self-image related to their bodies.  These women helped to release faith and gratitude in the congregation. As the hours passed, the crowds began to grow till it nearly filled the 1,000 seat capacity auditorium.  There were times of great celebration and also deep adoration of Jesus.

I ended up staying at this gathering for a total of 13 hours.  I was touched by God’s deep love for me and my uniqueness before him.  I wept many times as I felt God’s presence and gazed upon his beautiful face.  As the day drew to a close, I found myself looking around the auditorium thanking God for who he was.  I was so grateful that he brought me to Kansas City and that I get to adore Jesus as my occupation.  He is truly worthy of all worship and praise.

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