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Today in my revival class, we began talking about the global revival that hit at the turn of the 20th century.  Korea was one of the places where God moved in an extraordinary way.  In 1907, Korea was transformed by the power of God as many were getting saved.  During this time, the “Korean-style” all together prayer meeting was birthed.  A pastor of a church decided to lead a prayer meeting, and instead having people pray one at a time, he let the entire congregation pray at once, and overflowing passionate heart cries for God erupted.  And to this day, it has filled many Asian churches and continues to be the distinctive Korean prayer style.

But one of the most interesting points of this revival is the location of where it started.  It began in Pyongyang before the North and South split.  That is just an amazing fact, that God birthed the revival of Korea in what is today the capital of North Korea.  This causes me to believe that with God all things are possible.  He is more than able to bring revival to Korea again, and reunify both North and South.  What if another historic revival is just around the corner?  Do we have vision for that or believe that it can happen?  It truly is our time to pray.

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Coming off a win from the “best team” (Green) in the league, we were up against the defending champs from last year (Black team).  We knew we were up for a tough, physical game and from start to finish this was true.

Black came out getting into the paint and grabbing rebounds while Orange was never able to get into an offensive sync.  We ended up turning the ball over about 18 times with about 18 team fouls throughout the game.

We were only down by 2 at the half, but we never could get over the hump against Black.  Black ended up winning 56-48.  I ended up going 0-3 with two points from the free-throw line.  Next, week we play Red team. (more…)

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Today about 50,000 Muslims are expected to gather at the Mall in Washington D.C. to pray for a “Day of Islamic Unity.” Some of the purposes stated by the organizers are to display the “wonderful diversity of Islam,” “manifest Islam’s majestic principles as revealed by Allah,” and “to inspire a new generation of Muslim to work for the greater good of all people.”

At first glance, this sounds like a great event helping to change the negative view of Muslims in America particularly in the aftermath of 9/11.  However, this is not just a neutral gathering for the common good of all people, but a strategic spiritual assault on this nation.  They are not just praying for peace on earth and goodwill to all men, but specific prayers from the Athan will be chanted.  These prayers are not neutral, but release a negative shift of the spiritual atmosphere over this nation.  And this gathering will give rise to more Islamic prayer gatherings to rise in America.

This is not ok because what our nation needs is so much more than religious tolerance and acceptance of one another’s religions.  We need revival in America like the 1st and 2nd Great Awakenings in the 18th and 19th century.  Where entire cities were transformed by the power of God the message of the gospel.  Where young people in college campuses turned from drunkenness and immorality, to a heartfelt devotion to the Lord.  Where people were delivered out of darkness and into the kingdom of the glorious Messiah, Jesus our Lord.  He is the true king of America and the world and we are in desperate need for Him to release revival in our nation.

One of the promotional tag lines of the Muslim prayer gathering today is “Our time has come.”  This ominous and foreboding phrase is not true.  The time for Islam to be promulgated in this nation is not today.  But today is the day where Jesus is exalted and where many Muslims experience the deep love of God and are delivered from the that Allah and the Islamic religion brings.  So Lord I ask you save many Muslims today in Jesus name!

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Update on bicycle adventures

So I’m sorry to say, but I’ve stopped riding my bicycle to school.  I decided that I did not want to show up to class all sticky and sweaty, especially since I want to dress nicer in my daily life.  But I still ride my bike to the prayer room and that has still been a lot of fun.

A couple of weeks ago, I hit a big curb and the chains on my bike fell off its gear.  Therefore, when I pedaled it wasn’t catching any part of the gear and so I walked it home.  I’m not much of a fix-it kind of guy, but I was able to put the chains back on the gears and it works fine now.  Praise God.

Furthermore, I haven’t been “cordially saluted” by any drivers lately, so that has also been nice.

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The God of Possibilities

Today in my Revival Class, Eddie B., our teacher began to speak about the God of possibilities.  He began to inspire us to dream big dreams and put our trust in a big God.  He gave supernatural accounts to saints in history who touched something in God, which today, we would call outlandish and asinine.  But he asked these questions to combat our unbelief: “Who told you that you couldn’t do x, y, and z?  Is there a ceiling to God?” 

God is truly present in our day and in our time.  He is active and present even in your very room.  And there are angels and supernatural activity going on even now.  But do we believe it?  Do we believe that when we pray, God really hears us and wants to answer our cry?  Let us have faith again to believe in a big God who does big things.  His smile is over us and he is a good father.  So why don’t we take the steps of faith and risks that He is calling us to, and trust that He will be near to us and with us.

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This past weekend we celebrated 10 years of 24/7 prayer that began Sep. 19, 1999 and has continued to this day.  Mike Bickle, IHOP’s founder, shared eight sessions of prophetic history which inspired us to remember God’s heart for revival in Kansas City and the world.

One of the main things I was impacted by was Mike’s dedication to living out the lifestyle of prayer, fasting, and holiness with a vibrant heart for 27 years.  He stated that he was introduced to the prayer movement at the age of 27 and gave his life for it.  And I believe it is not a coincidence that my 27th birthday is less than one month away.  I want to commit to living the lifestyle of abandonement to God for years and years.  And I’m grateful to have an example of faithfulness in Mike and many others.  If they did not pave the way, I do not know where I would be today.  Thus, I also want to be committed to being faithful because who knows what young person will be affected by my devotion to the Lord, years down the line.

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The game against Green team was much anticipated as they were considered the best team in the league, with three slashers who could also hit the long range shot.  We began the game playing man to man defense and were able to defend the paint very well.  With a couple of key blocks and good ball movement, Orange team was up by 10 at the half. 

We continued to play solid defense, and extended the lead to 14 at one point in the game.  But they began to hit the three point shot and brought the lead down to four.  At a critical juncture, one of our players was fouled and made the shot.  This stopped Green’s momentum and Orange ended up winning 52-42. 

I went 2-3 shooting for four points, 2 rebounds, 1 block, and 1 steal.  We had a great time playing Green and hope to continue to play well.  Next week we play Black team, which will be another tough opponent.

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