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When my sister got married…

My sister of 29 yrs has gone from singlehood to being married this past saturday. Many have asked me how I feel, and honestly it is a bit surreal. One chapter of her life has ended and a new one has started. And in one sense it is sad because with any change in life, it takes a bit of time to get adjusted. The introduction of an entirely new family is shocking. In one day, I now have a whole slew of in-laws and have entered into a world that I have not had before.

Another thing that I was struck by was the beauty of the commitment in marriage. The words, “I will love you in sickness and health, riches and poverty, through the good times and the bad for all the days of my life,” exemplify the essence of love. Faithfulness in relationship through thick and thin. And one of the reasons why Satan hates marriage so much is that it is a small picture of God and His undying love for us. Jesus has given Himself to His bride because of His longing for us to experience His love. He is fully committed to us “all the days of His life,” which is remarkable considering the fact that He lives forever through the resurrection.

With my sister’s wedding comes the growing of the family through the in-laws. And though this is a huge change, it is also a picture of the inclusiveness of community and family in the kingdom of God. The invitation of family is for all through Jesus Christ. And His family continues to grow because God continues to open up His heart time and time again.

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Council Bluffs Ministry Trip

After a ministry trip, there are usually many stories to be told. But first of all, I felt that we as FSM students got a deeper revelation of the importance of intercession. Many times I forget that there is spiritual warfare involved with ministry. The enemy does not want God to be glorified or the church to fall more in love with Him.

Therefore, as about 30 Nightwatch students began to worship and intercede on behalf of the city of Council Bluffs, many of us began to feel oppressed and heavy. We began to get confused and our relational issues began to surface in an intensified manner. But as we pressed through in the place of prayer, we felt the atmosphere of the city change dramatically after three full days of ministry and intercession.

God taught us that our prayers really matter and move His heart. Because He wants a people who dearly love Him all across the earth and prayer helps to bring that about.

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